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of interest - April 1, 2020


Let Go of Worry and Embrace Concern

There is a profound difference between worrying or being concerned.   How to tell the difference if you are worrying or experiencing concern: Worry distracts us; Concern focuses us. Worry prevents planning; Concern helps us plan. Worry blurs our vision; Concern clarifies our purpose. Worry tends to give up; Concern perseveres. Worry exaggerates; Concern pinpoints […]


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of interest - October 31, 2019


‘Restart’ Your Day!

When one of your computer applications is running slowly or continues to cause you problems, don’t you, eventually, just force it to quit and/or restart your computer?   The good news is: We have the same choice! We can choose to restart our day anytime we choose, and as often as we need to. No […]


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