Family Mediation

According to the Model Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation, the “primary role of a family mediator is to assist the participants to gain a better understanding of their own needs and interests and the needs and interests of [their children] . . . and to facilitate agreement among the participants.”


Unlike family law and divorce litigation, the mediation process is private.  Discussions during mediation are privileged and confidential.[Mediation is a voluntary, consensual process that uses a trained, neutral third party to facilitate the negotiation of disputes. A safe place where the parties can actually reach what will become mutually agreeable, binding settlement agreement.]


First, my approach to the mediation process ensures that I have no conflict of interests. I will then speak to each party, individually, before taking the case, to ensure that the case is a good fit for mediation, (and with me).  These discussions also give the parties an opportunity to explain their perspectives on the issues involved in their case and to establish a comfort and trust level, which I find imperative to successful mediation.


This process can prove to be transformative, if the parties can learn how to effectively communicate with each other.    


Working with me provides you a safe space to have the structured conversations needed to help you find the best possible ‘solutions’  for you both and your children.


* Mediator only in Illinois