My name is Victoria Baum
and I am The Relationship Changer



Our relationships with self, and others, are the most important elements in life. Being heard, understood, supported and appreciated can make all the difference in the world as to how we experience life.


It is not uncommon to experience times of feeling frustrated with, or disconnected from your partner, lonely, stress, pain and sadness, insecurity, angry or stuck. Feelings are neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’, they just ‘are’. You may only feel the way you do, right now. As your counselor and guide, I will help you see that these feelings are your opportunity for positive change and growth.


Together, we will figure out what is really going on and make the necessary changes, so that you, (both), will feel more positively and are better able to enjoy your life and your relationships, now and in the future.


I can help you feel, think and do better!

To get started call (847) 373-0456, email me or send a message.

My Services Include:

Individual Counseling, Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Telemental Health Counseling, Video Counseling, Sexual Wellness Counseling, Peyronie’s Disease Counseling, Caregiver Stress / Elder Issues Counseling and Family Mediation.

How “We” Work:

Through all my years in clinical practice, (both in Illinois and Florida), I have found that one theory does not fit all. Therefore, once we have met, we will determine what approach works best for you, one that will help us meet your goals, in the shortest amount of time possible. I have an integrative approach, incorporating such strength based and positive theoretical frameworks as: solution focused, emotionally focused (Couples) therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Whether it is individual counseling or couples counseling you seek, we will work together to improve how you feel and think about yourself, your relationship(s) and your life. I will help guide you to express your feelings and take the actions required to achieve the positive outcomes you seek.


Additionally, as a Telemental Health provider, (since 2013),  I am able to offer you counseling via video and telephone sessions, (HIPPA compliant).



I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, (LMHC, FL #14286), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, (LCPC, IL #180006479), Board Certified Telemental HealthCounselor, (BC-TMH #167), Nationally Certified Counselor, (NCC #90657), Member of the American Counseling Association, (ACA # 6163685) and a supervisor on the Disaster Mental Health Team of the American Red Cross, (DSHR ID #84287). I hold a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling and have had over 15 years of professional experience and post graduate continuing education hours.

To get in touch with me:

To contact me, click here.


Victoria Baum, LMHC, LCPC, DCC
The Relationship Changer
(847) 373-0456


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