Changes in life are inevitable.


Planned or not, change can often lead one to experience negative feelings, such as: stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity, anger and frustration. Change does not have to be ‘bad’ nor viewed as the enemy. As in the quote above, it can also be viewed as an opportunity for positive growth. Together, we will figure out what is really going on, deal with it and improve your overall coping skills. All of this is necessary so you are best prepared to enjoy your life and your relationships, now and in the future.



I can help you think, feel and do better!



Through all my years in clinical practice, (both in Illinois and Florida), I have found that one theory does not fit all. Therefore, once we have met, we will determine what approach works best for you, one that will help us meet your goals, in the shortest amount of time possible.

I have an integrative approach, incorporating such strength based and positive theoretical frameworks as: solution focused, emotionally focused (couples) therapy, (EFT), and cognitive behavioral therapy, (CBT) .