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August 15, 2016


“Do we REALLY have to talk about this now?” – #1: The Election


UPDATE: 8/14/16: Please take a look at today’s NYT, Page 1 article of the ‘Sunday Style’ section, entitled “Uneasy Bedfellows”. (This post was done before the article was published.)


With the upcoming election this November, (especially one which is so contentious and emotionally charged), many of us are finding it nearly impossible to avoid the subject and even tougher to keep ourselves from engaging in, at the most inappropriate times.


I can tell you from recent personal experience, when you are trying to enjoy a quiet or romantic evening, or just wanting to spend some quality time together with family and friends, you may want to refrain from mentioning the names of “HRC’ or “D.T.  The truth is: not everyone, even those closest to us, agrees with us.


I ask you to consider, why would you want to spoil, what might otherwise be a perfectly nice time, by having them as interlopers and/or uninvited guests?


When the topic does come up, (which in time, it most assuredly will), depending on the circumstances, you may want to steer the conversation away from politics, without being rude.


For instance, you could say, “How about we talk about the election another time, if you wouldn’t mind. Right now, I’d much rather talk about us, tell you what I’ve been thinking and/or hear what is going on with you!”.


There are appropriate times for such conversations as politics, as it no doubt affects an important part of all of our futures.


However, my suggestion is: as is true with effective communication, it’s all about the timing, the tone and the frequency.


Before we bring “that topic up” again, let us be mindful of what is best for our relationships; with ourselves and others.


Good luck,