Of Interest

October 31, 2019


‘Restart’ Your Day!


When one of your computer applications is running slowly or continues to cause you problems, don’t you, eventually, just force it to quit and/or restart your computer?


The good news is: We have the same choice! We can choose to restart our day anytime we choose, and as often as we need to. No day needs to start, continue to be and end, a ‘bad day’.


Whenever you feel it necessary: Take a moment and take a few good cleansing breaths and then…..press your own ‘restart’ button.


‘Restarting’ is one of several tools I encourage my clients to utilize. I have found it not only helps the individual, but also, all those around them, as well.


You can decide to do this ‘restart’ anywhere and anytime you want or need to, and as often as you feel is necessary.


You will think more clearly, feel better and find those around you respond more positively to you too!


In time, you will discover you are positively changing the direction of your entire life. Integrating the choice to ‘restart’ is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others.


Today, and every day, let us make the decision to take the actions to allow ourselves to feel better about ourselves, others and our lives.


You have your very own restart button…… you need only to remember to use it!