Of Interest

September 2, 2018


Learning To Dance In The Rain


“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…
it is about learning to dance in the rain.”
– Vivanne Grenne


As the weather outside is stormy and pouring down rain, (here in Florida), I asked myself: “Do I dance in the rain or just sit around inside waiting for it to pass.” The honest answer is both, but I find dancing to be the better of the two options.


Many people believe they can only enjoy life to the fullest when they have a lot of money, are in a wonderfully romantic relationship, have a successful career, etc. Not so! Consider this: money does not buy happiness, it only makes misery more comfortable.


We do not have to wait for something or someone to ‘happen to us’ for us to feel worthy and capable of feeling happiness. In fact, until now, that way of thinking has allowed countless opportunities for happiness and positive personal growth to pass us by.


True happiness is not found in the ‘whens’ of life, it is found within us and is within our reach, here, now, today. If we learn to value and have a good relationship with ourselves, feel competent, (and be there for others), then we have what we need to enjoy life right now. Having the willingness to be open to new and different ways of viewing ourselves and embracing our ability to adapt to changes, (which are bound to occur), are vital to the process of finding and sustaining happiness.


Will we feel happy all of the time? No. However, next time you see clouds on the horizon, you can choose not to grumble about the impending storm. Instead, you can choose to enjoy it and view this as an opportunity to think, feel and do something differently.


Think about this: When we are young, dancing in the rain is fun and a perfectly acceptable form of behavior. I say it still is; both literally and metaphorically.


I am going out to dance in the rain myself now!