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April 1, 2020


Let Go of Worry and Embrace Concern


There is a profound difference between worrying or being concerned.


How to tell the difference if you are worrying or experiencing concern:

  • Worry distracts us; Concern focuses us.
  • Worry prevents planning; Concern helps us plan.
  • Worry blurs our vision; Concern clarifies our purpose.
  • Worry tends to give up; Concern perseveres.
  • Worry exaggerates; Concern pinpoints problems.
  • Worry focuses more on self; Concern focuses on others too.


Worry is a cyclical process of fretting about an issue that is upsetting you without actually doing anything to address or resolve, the problem or situation.


In contrast, concern is solution focused. It involves coming up with options, setting priorities and drawing conclusions which help lead to resolution. (It is not going over and over the same points in your mind, this is worrying).


Concern embodies embracing the proper mindset for caring enough to act on important decisions, events or conditions.


Worry is draining and zaps us of our energy whereas, concern is positive and fuels our level of energy to act. Worry cause stress, concern provides an alternative to feeling only anxiety..


The bottom line: worrying is not conducive to problem solving or happiness as it achieves nothing. Concern, offers us an opportunity to participate in change.


Learn to let go of worry and embrace concern as a motivator to try and make positive changes, for ourselves and others.